“enjoy your navigation, we take care of the rest”

Giovanni D’Aloia, naval and marine engineer, after several years spent in commercial shipbuilding, landed in the Yacht building business since 2000. He is a chartered Engineer, listed under the ‘Capitaneria di Porto’ shipbuilders and he is a Technical Consultant of an organism notified to the European Community for the compliance of CE certification (RINa). He is also listed under the Register of Technical Consultants of the Court of Lucca (Civil and Criminal Section) as Naval and Industrial Expert (CTU), under the register of consultants and experts of the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca. He is offering the following services both in Italy and abroad:

Naval and Mechanical Engineer

Giovanni D’Aloia

"We leave the lazy and vile ways flat and safe: the brave climb the peaks.” (cit. L. A. Seneca) / +39 348 2315378

Naval Engineer

Nicolas Iosia

“The three essential elements for getting anything worth having are; first, hard work, second, persistence, and third, common sense.” (cit. T. Edison) / +39 393 1769642

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Naval Engineer

Angelo Esposito

“Time is relative, its only value is given by what we do as it passes.” (cit. A. Einstein) / +39 339 8004744

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