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Purchase consultant

Buying a boat, large or small, is an important step. From the economic perspective we are going to invest money with the expectation of making a good deal, while regarding safety concerns we want a vessel that will provide us a serene navigation.

One of the most important elements, as crucial as common for these needs, is the state of preservation of the boat, in particular of the hull with its appendages, the structures, the engines, the equipment and the electrical and electronic auxiliary systems.

The consultancy activity aims at investigating all the aspects necessary to understand the condition of the boat and planning the activities to be carried out in order to have a boat that is always efficient according to the customer’s expectations.

The client will typically receive a report illustrated with visual documentation which will, at the end of the inspections, carefully provide an overview of the investigations carried out and of the related results obtained, with the observations and conclusions that will be crucial to the contract closure.

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